The Lord And Lady Of The Void

Lady Espari and Lord Vidious are the enemy of the Lords and Ladies of the Elemental Union, who are responsible for the creation of the Vidian Races who threaten Urutau.

They are of course themselves the creation of the Divines, as told in The Tale of the Age of Creation.

The Servants of Lady Espari:

Lady Espari is always on the look out for new recruits to act on the behalf of the Void. And those that perform admirably may get to be initated into this cult and gain access to this list.

The character wishing to become a servant of Lady Espari should go before her when she is summoned, offer to her a bloody sacrifice and be willing to offer up to her fifteen experience points. Acceptance means the character may then purchase the levels of this list as per the standard rules for skills/spells.

Level One: Prayer for the Lady: This is not a spell, but instead works exactly the same as the Priest and Paladin skill lists in that it requires the player to actively pray to Lady Espari for the ability to work and if the player does not act reverently to Lady Espari then the prayer will not work.

The prayer allows the user to slow the metabolism of one unmoving target so that any poisons, potions or adverse effects acting against the target can be slowed until such time as help arrives to neutralise the threat to the target; this prayer also affects a death count. The prayer and its effects last only so long as the user prays over the target, otherwise the effects the target is suffering continue along their course.

The prayer may be broken and then be restarted. The player may also use it on themselves, providing they are conscious.

Level Two: Elemental Survival: This is an ability and not a spell, but it allows the character the ability to survive in any places that are of the Void, this also extends to areas in darkness that are not graced by light of Lord Helios.

Level Three: Elemental Pain: This is an ability that allows the Servant to cause pain to any character who is not tainted by the Void. By simply touching an untainted character for one minute, the character touched takes +1 Hits to the location. The touch leaves the target scarred (Divine Scarring) and will make them show up as Void Tainted until the scarring is dealt with.

Level Four: Elemental Contamination: This spell enhances the touch of the Servant so that the caster may transfer one of their own Void Points into one target with permanent effect. The spell requires one unbroken minute of flesh to flesh touch between the caster and the target. Failure to transfer the Void Point results in the caster reabsorbing the Void Point, the caster also suffers five minutes of intense pain and takes +1 Hits to all locations that go through any form or armour

Level Five: Invoke Lady Espari: This is not a spell, but instead it is a ritual. The ritual takes ten minutes to perform and is role-play dependent. But once complete, at Referee discretion, the power of Lady Espari will send assistance to the one invoking her.

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