The Lord And Lady Of The Void

Lady Espari and Lord Vidious are the enemy of the Lords and Ladies of the Elemental Union, who are responsible for the creation of the Vidian Races who threaten Urutau.

They are of course themselves the creation of the Divines, as told in The Tale of the Age of Creation.

The Servants of Lady Espari:

Lady Espari is always on the look out for new recruits to act on the behalf of the Void. And those that perform admirably may get to be initiated into this cult and gain access to her list.

The character wishing to become a Servant of Lady Espari should go before her when she is summoned, offer to her a bloody sacrifice and be willing to offer up to her fifteen experience points. Acceptance means the character may then begin to purchase the levels of her list as per the standard rules for skills/spells and appear on pages 114 - 115 of Element: Throne of Shadows.

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