The Lurkers

Lurkers are lonely creatures, corrupted and malevolent to the detriment of all they come across, looking to exploit the little things against foes so that they may build up to a mass of misadventures. They are rare creatures as the Angmori are loyal to the Elemental Union, but this does not prevent them from becoming Agents of the Void.

Level One: Twisted Dexterity: The Lurkers becomes corrupted by the taint of the Void and hideous to behold, hair falls out, teeth break, fingers become spindly and dextrous but they do gain +1 Mundane Dodges per day.

Level Two: Lurkers Shadow: The Lurker gains +2 Stealth on top of any Stealth already purchased that may go above the standard level of five.

Level Three: Resilience: The Lurker gains +3 Hits to all Locations.

Level Four: Thieves Hands: Up to four times per night, the Lurker may steal through mundane means a hand held item from a location without being detected by mundane means.

Level Five: Lurker: The Lurker is immune, five times per day, to Mundane and Enchanted forms of detection, providing they remain still and are concealed within shadow - this extends to players actually touching them and still being unable to realise the Lurker is concealed - movement of course puts it out into the open and fair game.

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