The Men Of The Mountains

The Men of the Mountains are the servants of the Werewolves who wait on their masters in the Savage Mountains. They are a fierce warlike people who follow the guidance of their shamans and the rule of the alpha, providing breeding stock for their masters as well as eyes and ears in places they may not easily go to, respecting the strength of dominance over all other things.

The Men of the Mountains have funeral Rites that involve the Shamen of the Tribe lead in chanting, as they burn the body. They use Air Manipulation to take the ashes into the sky towards Lady Phoebe.

It is rumoured the Men of the Mountains were once a Wrotan tribe who abandoned the homeland to seek out a different fortune, but succumbed to the leadership and power of the Werewolves. In recent times the Morigena attempted to breed an uprising within their tribes through education and better weaponry and armour, but this uprising was squashed in 913 of the Age of Fire.

Note: Ordinarily the Men of the Mountains are not available as player characters, though with recent plot progression, it has become possible to play one and players should follow the special rules on the Wrotan page.

There are a total of fifteen tribes in the Savage Mountains, using simple names, they are the tribes of: Cul, Gor, Bak, Gom, Jur, Lek, Sut, Sok, Shi, Weg, Var, Ves, Tan, Tul and Mon. The tribes form a line of settlements that act like a spine across the mountains, spreading the people all across the range, and circling the region in the middle where the Den of Alpha's is located.

Recent developments have seen some of the Men of the Mountains turn away from the Void, and working with the Elemental Union, some settling at The Village of Wayfare, others choosing to venture further into the world. In the Third Year of the Age of Dragons the Men of the Mountains became free people, finally being liberated from the domination of the Werewolves.

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