The Mistress

The Mistress

The Mistress is a Feysidious and former Head of the Assassins Guild. Nobody Knew the Mistresses true name, some believe not even she did.
The Mistress has never been seen in the City, she permanently locks herself away in her tower out of paranoia, after what she calls "The Culling."

To some, The Mistress is a thing of legend, always spoken about, never proven, but to others she is very real and terrifying.
She is one of 5 Remaining Master Assassins, who are all new to the title, after the previous head and her followers all disappeared and are presumed dead.


The Mistress was one of many Feysidous who fell to the True Born Vampire known as Raziel.
She was turned along side nine others in the Assassins Guild, The former head and her 9 inner circle Assassins.
She became the Head of the Assassins Guild in the most treacherous way, killing. First the Head herself, then her other 8 followers. This was during a time members of the Guild remember well, her period of insanity, driven by jealousy and obsession for Raziel.
After his death, when the bond was broken, she became somewhat sane again, promoting 4 new Master Assassins and employing new Assassins to refill the Guild, after her hunger had thinned out their numbers.

Day to Day life

The Mistress Rarely leaves her room, and never ventures outside the building, she gets bored often but has picked up new hobbies and interests to pass her time, she has her assassins collect food from the street for her, often taking advantage of commissions and eating the targets.
Her lust often gets the better of her in situations, she takes her prettier food to bed before eating them or sleeps with her staff.

The Truth

The Mistress has always been around, she was one of nine to follow the former head, but with a change of name her former fame died and she is assumed to be a new woman.
She has no known kills and rumour suggests she doesn't even exist. Some say if she was real, that she is young and born there, never knowing the outside world, or that she
is actually the alter ego of Annabelle Tremayne, one of the other four Master Assassins.

The Recent Months

The Mistress is now known by most as Briza Lilok, the older sister of Phebralirah Lilok, thought to have been killed along time ago, and then thought to be actually killed during the Culling, she was then actually killed by her partner Master Assassin Amouri Lilok with the help of the Master Assassin Bemlok, who is her Successor. She really is actually dead now, I promise…

… Did you think I was lying? You were right to.

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