The Morigena Kingdom

Hrivemir was land granted to survivors of The Morigena by the Dracosylph after the Fomori rebellion, known until recently as The Morigena Kingdom. Located on the south eastern shore of Lyrzeria it is occupied by the Morigena, the Nimorians and the Dracosylph who are happy to live within the culture of the Champion Race of Water.

The Capital of Hrivemir is the city of Nor-Dalgontor, located in the royal county of Nor-Fossi, known as the northern county, there are also three middle counties, Wes-Kurul, Wesou-Narta and Wesoui-Narkil, and the southern most county of Souwei-Lorsan, also known as the Ward of the South, and the defensive position against Werewolf incursion from the Savage Mountains.


Hex Map Legend:

1: The Royal County of Nor-Fossi.
2: Wes-Kurul.
3: Wesou-Narta.
4: Wesoui-Narkil.
5: Souwei-Lorsan.

Barony Game Play Statistics:

As a small Kingdom, it is little more than a duchy in its own rights and as such uses the Duke Game Play rules for its overall ratings.

1: Economy: Average.
2: Military: High/ Low - the Kingdom operates not only a professional army, but is also regularly under pressure from attacks to the south - forces are currently dispatched outside the kingdom, leaving its home borders not so well protected.
3: Technology: High - Shipwrights, as Champions of Water they excel at boat building.
4: Magic: High - The Academy of Magic has drawn interest from across Urutau.
5: Population: Average.

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