The Nest Of Dragons

The Nest of Dragons is a place of solitude, secrecy and ritual in the Zarian Wastes, within the Mountains of Serenity, populated by the Black Dragons and their Riders, chosen from amongst the elite of the Fey-Sidious; to date no member of the Elemental Union has ever stepped foot in this place, and in the wake of the recent devastating loss of numbers after the attack on the Morigena Kingdom in 913AoF, the Dragon Riders are taking time to consolidate their losses and move forward.

Dragon Dreamweaver:

A specialist skill list born of centuries of understanding and care for the Black Dragons.

Prerequisites: Access to an Unbound Dragon, and a Dragon Tome, this is highly restricted knowledge and cannot just be 'picked up' without guidance.

Level One: Dragon's Lore: Equal to the level in the skill list, it builds an understanding into the strange, elusive nature of Dragons.

Level Two: Mind to Mind: Twice per day, a Dreamweaver may enter, after a ten minute ritual, into the mind of the dragon that the character is bound to and experience what the dragon dreams as a passive observer.

Level Three: Dream Weaving: While Mind-to-Mind allows the weaver to only observe the dreams of their dragon, this level of skill allows the character to not only enter the dream state of their dragon, but they may also interact within the dreamscape of the dragon.

Level Four: Dream Manipulation: The character may now lead the dragon through the dreamscape as opposed to being just able to interact with their dragon in the dreamscape. Fey-Sidious Dragon Riders use this skill to rouse their dragons from their slumber when the time is right for them to rise, leading tyhem from wherever they are in their dreams into the waking world.

Level Five: Ritual of Bonding: A ritual that takes twenty four hours to complete, using special materials to enhance the dreamscape and the local environment, the Dreamweaver can become closer to their dragon than could be dreamed possible. What this can achieve is hard to define, but the connection becomes so entwined, that it is more than spiritual, it is physical as well.

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