The Nettlesworn

The Nettlesworn are the Queldi who have embraced the Void and live in the wilds of Quelas rather than embracing the ways of the people and guidance of the Druids, and even forsaking also the wisdom of the Wrotan Empire (but were employed as native scouts from time to time while it stood). They live in loose bands or small tribes following the rule of a leader proved to be strong.

Nettlesworn Skill List:

Level One: Nettle's Twist: The things among nature that poison and wound are the friends of the Nettlesworn, and likewise what is good in nature hurts them, in essence all properties of nature that have positive bonues do negative and vice-versa to a Nettlesworn.

Level Two: Nettleflesh: The Nettlesworn gain +2 Hits to all Location.

Level Three: Nettleweaver: The Nettlesworn gain +3 Mundane Dodges per day.

Level Four: Nettleblood: Four times per day the Nettlesworn may use their blood to make sacrifice to the Void and give +4 Hits to all Locations covered (this bonus degrades with combat and must be reapplied once diminished).

Level Five: Nettletouch: Five times per day the Nettlesworn may use their blood or touch to poison a person or coat a weapon with the blood that causes a five minute paralysis.

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