The Nimorian Kingdom

The Nimorian Kingdom exists below the waves just to the east of the Fomori Islands amidst craggy dangerous waters that can be treacherous for the unskilled to try and charter. On the surface the Nimorians will offer small ports for trading and socialisation, but only rarely do strangers get to see what is below the surface.

It is beneath the waves where the true heart of the kingdom resides, with many secret ways and treasure troves reported to exist in multiple sea yarns among the Feymori and the Fomori.

It is worth noting that the Morigena first fled here when the Fomori rebelled against their rule and in this race that Lord Morian entrusted the fates of other matters.


Map Locations:

1: The Maelstrom: A wild place which is the location where the Elemental Plane of Water can be accessed by those with the right authority.

2: The Capital City, Vanora as ruled by the Royal House of Una.

3: The North-West Colony: Ruled by the Nimorian House of Thalassa.

4: The Eastern Colony: Ruled by the Nimorian House of Maryssa.

5: The Coral: It is here most young Nimorian women flock to when the Spring Passion takes them and is a known location among the veteran sailors of the seas of Urutau - the risks of spring are offset by the valuable alchemy ingredients that also grow here that bloom only in spring and have great healing properties; at other times of the year, a variety of sea creatures make homes here and it can be a place of abandonment.

6: The Deep: Is a sacred place in the Nimorian Kingdom, crowned with temples devoted to the Lord and Lady of Water led by the Houses of Pleasure, no mortal knows how deep the abyss goes below the waves of the sea, but a legion of Nimorian Warriors are also situated here and act as jailors for any criminals who are held in custody.

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