The Nimorian Queen

Queen Lausanne Una (NPC) of the Nimorian Kingdom, Matriarch of the Nimorian People, Widow of her late husband King Harwyn Telluwyn) and her son is the current King of the Morigena, King Everyl Telluwyn, known as the Boy King. She is now married to Prince Consort Rana Dae, Duke of the Morigena Kingdom.

In the springtime of the year 914, the Forces of the Void attacked the Nimorian Kingdom, and during the invasion, Lausanne was captured and taken on board the floating city of the Void; she was then supposed to go into Fomori custody, but instead was taken to the Zarian Wastes. There she was involved in a hideous ritual within the Black Church, and used to bring forth many Demon's as she witnessed the sacrifice of the Aqualonian King, forty Aqualonians, and one hundred Nimorians. The process devastated her mental and physical state, and was further tormented by the fawning of her demon 'children'.

In the seventh month of 914AoF, a rescue attempt was mounted that successfully saw her liberated from her capture, and she was afterwards taken to Dragonsfall Mead Hall, to be cared for by Duke Rana Dae and his family (namely Lady Ylliria Dae, acting as her handmaiden), until such time as she is ready to resume her duties as Queen of her people.

Later that year, after attending the gathering of the Wrotan Republic, she returned to the Nimorian Kingdom, and shortly after that return, was married to Duke Rana Dae of the Morigena Kingdom, being given the blessings of the Priests and her people, assured that the union would bear fruit, even as duty threatened to call the new Prince Consort away from her side.

Duchess Lausanne Dae, formerly Queen Lausanne Una was killed in battle in 916AoF in Lyrzeria when it vanished.

With the return of Lyrzeria after 'The Sum of All Things', Duchess Lausanne Dae led her people back to Hrivemir, much to the surprise of everyone…

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