The Oak Family

The Oak Family of the Fey-Tir are one of the most ancient blood lines, they have nearly always had a King or Queen ruling Larrasu and remain the firm favourite of the Fey-Tir people to have in charge. They remain firmly settled in Hithdor.

The Oak Family Skill List:

Level One: Ancient Roots: The character gains +1 Hits to all Locations.

Level Two: Fey-Tir Lore: The character gains Fey-Tir Lore at level two, and a -2XP break on improving their Fey-Tir Lore.

Level Three: Oak's Divination: Three times per day, the Fey-Tir may place a hand upon an oak and by focusing for three minutes, they may gain insight into a situation.

Level Four: Oak's Purity: Four times per day, by placing their hands upon an Oak Tree, the Fey-Tir can dissolve the Void Taint in themselves, or if holding the hands of another, they may dissolve Void Taint in the target hand being placed upon the Oak. This works on a one for one basis, one point may be removed per use.

Level Five: Oak's Strength: The character gains +5 Hits to all Locations.

Family Weakness: While they make for good leaders and can be honourable, they are also prideful and this can be their downfall, their stubborn nature means they suffer a -1xp to all awarded xp given out.

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