The Orb Of Blood

The Orb of Blood is a product of much debate still to be worked out through plot in game. needless to say it is the source of power for the Vampires, but it is also felt relevant to the creation and rise of the Fey-Sirona Vampire, a strange evolutionary diversion of the Fey-Sirona - to what end or what solution this Orb of Power holds is currently unknown.

The Fykari known as Khagan-ack-Crelar has spent considerable time in studying this orb on the Elemental Plane of Fire, in 912 of the Age of Fire the Orb was returned to the material plane of Urutau and is currently in the possession of Astor the Red. It is a point of contention amongst the allies of the Elemental Union and the current civil war that is known to be raging between the Vampires and the Ethereal Lords.

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