The Phoenix Dark Knight

The Phoenix Dark Knight was a popular figure among the eastern tribes of the Fykari, who went to great lengths to stir up the old animosity towards the fortress city of Wroth Gelrahan, and using deceptive means, led all those that followed him, to their deaths at those walls, at the prompting of the Fey-Sidious, who it was revealed (only when it was too late) to be behind the scheme.

The Phoenix Dark Knight was believed to have been killed shortly afterwards, during the attempts by the Light Company to thwart the real motivations for turning the Fykari Tribes against Wroth Gelrahan - the Ethereal Lords were working to unearth their once proud city of E' toa A' Ahn, which they had successfully done and kept most eyes turned away from their agenda by the clever ruse.

It was believed, with the apparent death of the Phoenix Dark Knight, that nothing more would be heard from this figure, especially as he led the Fykari to mass destruction. But, this was not completely so. The ghost of the Phoenix Dark Knight was encountered in 912AoF, what became of the spirit after then is anyone's guess…

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