The Professional Gladiator

The Professional Gladiator, also known as ‘The Pro Gladiator’, is unlike the more base, rugged and enslaved Gladiator, as it is a more legitimate and civilian friendly profession. A showman and an entertainer for the crowds who come to watch sport as opposed to life threatening situations that as such their skill list differs to the Gladiator as does their attitude towards the other, with the Professional often looking down on the enslaved Gladiator, a glare of hatred and contempt returned should they ever meet in an arena.

Level One: Are You Not Entertained!: The character is trained to entertain, and capable of turning blades, as such they gain +1 Mundane Dodges per Day.

Level Two: Tough: The Professional Gladiator gains +2 Hits per Location through their rigorous training schedule and need to look their best at all times.

Level Three: Fleet of Foot: Trained to a higher level of arena entertainment, the character gains +1 Mundane Dodges, and may also dodge Mundane Damage calls of 'Single' and 'Double'.

Level Four: Trained: The character is toughened so that they may call ‘No Effect’ versus ‘Mundane Singles’ that strike them, they gain x2 Mundane Knock-Backs with any weapon or shield and they also gain a -1XP Break to learning any of the skills from ‘The Field of Battle’.

Level Five: Arena Champion: Through the love of their crowd, and the ability to perform to their faithful fans, the Gladiator is strengthened by their support. As such the Arena Hero now gets +2 Mundane Dodges per Day, a bonus of +2 Hits to all Locations and also gains +1 Knock-Out Call once per day in order to deliver a stunning strike in a duel versus an opponent in a one on one fight.

The Professional Gladiator cannot be learned alongside the Gladiator Skill List, it is one or the other, though a Gladiator may fight in the Professional Arena's and vice versa.

Completion of this List leads to the God of the Arena Skill List.

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