The Purple Dracosylph

The majority of Dracosylph are white. However, six years ago, The Black Dracosylph made their way onto the material plane of Urutau. Using their power to corrupt White Dracosylph with the Void by touch, they quickly spread the corruption, turning Dracosylph from white to black.

At that time, a Dracosylph by the name of Skyreach Whitewing had an encounter with a Black Dracosylph and was corrupted by it. Luckily for him, he had a Nimorian friend, Yaleena, who was the bearer of the Avatar of the Purple Dragon of Fate. She drew upon the power of the Avatar, and turned Skyreach from Black to Purple, the first of his kind. She died soon after, and the Demon Yalirus was able to transfer the Avatar from Yaleena to Skyreach, who was then able to draw from the avatar, turning as many Dracosylph from Black to Purple as he could. Those Purple Dracosylph now live in the manor of Skyreach in the Morigena Kingdom, where he also has an Academy of Magic.

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