The Purple Dragon

The Purple Dragon Avatar first appeared as a tattoo, that was given life and purpose to bring to an end the crisis being suffered by the Dracosylph, with the arrival of Karazon of the Black after his escape from the Elemental Plane of Fate, and the strange effect he could force upon the Dracosylph by turning them into 'Black Dracosylph'.

The tattoo was at first granted to the Nimorian Healer, Yaleena, until such time as she was killed during the Dracosylph crisis. Moving quickly and making use of unusual allies, the demon Yalirus moved the avatar from Yaleena and passed it onto Skyreach Whitewing, who had become the first of the Purple Dracosylph, the fate that awaited the Dracosylph who had been turned into Black Dracosylph, turned back from the taint of the Void into that of Purple.

And so for a lengthy period of time, Skyreach and the Purple Dragon Avatar were together.

This changed however early in the year 914 of the Age of Fire, during a rescue expedition into the demon dimension of Purgatory One, when Skyreach was captured. Instead of killing the Dracosylph, the demons inflicted a worse punishment by stripping the avatar from off him, and sending him back to Urutau to suffer the shame of losing it.

The goal of the Void quickly became one where the avatar was grafted to a strange, nine-legged, mushroom looking creature from which it was intended for Great Black to feed from, and absorb the power of the Purple Dragon Avatar. Being, as suspected a dragon of Fate, a place where the Avatar of Lord Math was not to make connection to, Great White summoned the other dragons and their riders, and along with Nipper, and Ryuu, mounted a rescue operation which brought them into direct conflict with Great Black.

Great Black was killed in the conflict, and the Purple Dragon Avatar rescued.

What then followed, in the Eyrie of Great White, was magic which saw Great White consume the avatar, and using blood, bone and flesh offered by Ryuu, give physical form to the Purple Dragon, as the great dragon intends to carry the Purple Dragon to full term…

In 915AoF the Purple Dragon underwent a growth spurt and became a Young Adult Dragon, and having forged a bond of sorts with the Nimorian, Renatta, after several upsets the pair decided to go their own ways…

The Sum of All Things:

In the lead up to, and during the time known as 'The Sum of All Things', the Purple Dragon ascended to true power, taking over leadership of the Dragons following the death of Great White and becoming a Great Dragon; she was pivotal in the management of fighting the forces of the Void and the return to normality once Math had been defeated following the ascendancy of Arioch.

The Age of Dragons:

Complicated troubles needed dealing with, concerning Skyreach, Sorandis, Yaleena and Etar; and for a while the Purple Dragon was missing believed dead which allowed Onega the chance to enact his own plans. Since that was dealt with, the Purple dragon has been resting and remains unbound to any Rider.

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