The Reavers

The Were-Urgo twisted by the Void becomes something akin to the Werewolf (Indeed it is written that the Werewolves were born of the Were-Urgo through the corruption of the Void, that Primal Beast was the mighty first born Wolfkin blessed by Lord Astagos brought low). Reavers are savage, feral loners who feast on the flesh of the living at every opportunity.

Reaver Skill List:

Level One: Sense Blood: The Reaver gains +1 Tracking.

Level Two: Twisted Flesh: The Reaver gains +2 Hits to all Locations.

Level Three: Healing by Eating: A Reaver can accelerate its natural healing process by consuming the life of another, gaining up to +3 Hits from devouring a fallen foe, three times per day (normally the heart).

Level Four: Hibernate: Four times per day, the Reaver can literally fall into shadows and go dormant so that it is untraceable to all but the magic 'Sense Element', as tracking the Void Taint will lead a magic user to the location of concealment.

Level Five: Claws of the Void: The Were-Urgo does Enchanted attacks with its claws.

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