The Red Thorns Trading Caravan

A Travelling caravan consisting of multiple members with different Trades and Professions.

Formed as a means of protection and an increase in the range of access to multiple groups.

Current Members

Ashan Al Hasan No - Fykari fighter and leather worker. When things go bad you can bet he's raring for the fight to come.

Brahn Shatershield and Ragnar Shattershield - A pair of Gornang with excellent blacksmiths abilities. If the price is right then the quality is yours.

Rahi Ack Vanzaang - A new member to the group. With fire in her soul and a passion that matches she is new to the trading world, but what she may lack in her new skills, she definitely makes up for in enthusiasm.

Tenebris - A fey-tir set out to explore and learn from the world. Whilst she may seem to be prickly, she's definitely softer than she appears.

Tulip - Owner of Tulip's tattoos and piercings, he's wiling to tattoo what you ask. Just make sure that you yourself are aware.

Lady Nienna Dae - The groups resident healer, and one of the mages. Although she has no trade, it may be that she will be more help than previously assumed.

Lez - yeah, we're not sure either.

Deceased Members

Fenris Oakheart - A man of the mountains with excellent cooking skills, a unique way of looking at life, and a large heart. He will be missed.

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