The Requiem For Winter

The Requiem for Winter was an event that took place in Wroth Gelrahan shortly after its liberation, with many allies of the Elemental Union attending to discuss how best to go forward in the fight against the Void.

Hosted by: Senator Appraxias of Wroth Gelrahan (NPC).


1: Baelvanna of the Fey-Tir.
2: Nia of the Queldi.
3: Earl Rana Dae of the Morigena Kingdom.
4: Astor the Red, Champion of Lord Gorn, Dracosylph.
5: Karva Hammersong, Chieftain of the Gornang (NPC).
6: Vendryn Splinterspear, Chieftain of the Gornang (NPC).
7: Rogar Shattershield, Chieftain of the Gornang (NPC).
8: Khagan-ack-Crelar, Initiate of Lord Helios of the Fykari (NPC).
9: Gorbel-ack-Vanzaang, Scorpion Rider of the Fykari (NPC).
10: Daimyo Fusheshi Noryato King of the Fey-Sirona and Leader of the White Dragon Clan(NPC).
11: Shugenja Master Soritoya Gsenshin of the Fey-Sirona Gold Phoenix Clan (NPC).
12: Shugenja Master Karysto of the Fey-Sirona Silver Eagle Clan(NPC).
13: Samurai Master Takana Takettor of the Fey-Sirona Grey Owl Clan(NPC).
14: Queen Tiamey of the Queldi (NPC).
15: King Theuss of the City of Spirata, 1st of his Name (NPC).
16: Gothmog, Boss of the Black Tribe of the Ulcas (NPC).
17: Shorogir, Boss of the Red Tribe of the Ulcas (NPC).
18: Lob, Boss of the Tunnel-Dwellers of the Ulcas (NPC).
19: Vemk, Boss of the Coal-Eaters of the Ulcas (NPC).
20: Fizzgigg of the Faeries (NPC).
21: Great White, Messenger of the Lords and Ladies of the Elemental Union (NPC)(Dragon).

Game Medium: Despite original plans to have been a LIVE event, this was in fact a meeting that took place on the ELEMENT forums, with all contributing players earning 2 XP.

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