The returned

A list of those that have died only to be returned to life by various means:

Players -
Arkon (Crafty BFF)
Astor the Red (Wished back)
Irah (Chaos cards)
Midas (Demons?)
Mifune (Divine intervention, brand new bod)
Muldrow (Chaos: Box>Dragon>Unicorn>Throne)
Narwen (Avatar)
Nia (Yaleena's tears)
Pliskin (Many times, many ways. Chaos cards and gods)
Shykyrry (Gave her all and was rewarded)
Skyreach (Reborn, egg)
Tobias (Divine intervention)
Yalirus (Divine intervention)

Special Mention:
Etar (He was faking)

NPCs -
Cera (because phoenix dragon)
Dragons (because dragon)
Inishi (Who? Oh right her, yes, twice!)
Karazon the Black/Purple
Lady Espari
Lord Findias
Lord Morian
Lady Siriona
Unnamed Fey-Siriona (99.5% of the current population)

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