The Ruivrui

The Ruivrui are Undead Zombies, found in Dovah-Gol, created by the magics of the realm, focused by Great Black as agents of the Void. None seem more powerful among the Ruivrui than the Black Dragon Priests, powerful users of dark magic who draw upon the realms magics to further the cause of their masters.

Ruivrui Social Status:

0: Ruivrui Warrior (+20 Hits per Location/ Knock-Back Triples).
1: Ruivrui Champion (+25 Hits per Location/ Knock-Back Quads).
2: Ruivrui Black Dragon Priest (+25 Hits per Location/ Triples/ Magic User).
3: Ruivrui Lord (+30 Hits per Location/ Enchanted Quads).
4: Ruivrui Overlord (+40 Hits per Location/ Enchanted Sever).
5: Ruivrui Black Dragon Arch-Priest (+35 Hits per Location/ Enchanted Quads/ Magic User).

Ruivrui Special Rules:

Immunity to Mundane Sharp Weapons: All mundane damage by sharp weapons may be ignored by the Ruivrui.

Necrotic Breath: 'Diin Dinok Fus' Equal to the Ruivrui Social Status, the Ruivrui may emit a foul, freezing death force from their mouths to that number of times per day, that does locational damage that either breaks items or poisons the target body location so that it becomes infected with Necrosy.

Ruivrui Black Dragon Priest Spell List:

Level One: Illusion of Form: For 1 Minute an illusion appears as real in the form of the Black Dragon Priest, as though it was the priest, moving and performing with consciousness equal to the mind of the caster.

Level Two: Illusions of Grandeur: For two minutes, two forms of the caster appear like in 'Illusion of Form', to act as effective Enchanted Dodges versus all forms of attack.

Level Three: Mana Manipulation: By casting this spell, and channelling it through the right conduit (Magical Staff for example) the Black Dragon Priest may manipulate Mana at a rate of 3 points per minute.

Level Four: Black Dragon Strike: This spell is a powerful Enchanted Strike at one target that does a 'Global Quad Enchanted' that effects every location of the target.

Level Five: Dragon Soul Manipulation (Ritual): By the casting of this ritual over a five minute period, the power within a dragons soul may be manipulated for ends serving plot purposes…

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