The Salamanders

The Salamanders are a race who come from the Elemental Plane of Fire, they are not members of the Elemental Union, and neither are they supporters of the Void.

Due to a colony existing in the city of Vulgorn, in the Burning Sands, it is possible to play a Salamander.


Physical Characteristics: Salamanders are powerful and strong, live long life cycles (up to five hundred years) and are forged in the fires of the Elemental Plane as trusted servants of Lord Gorn. They have a lot in common with the Dracosylph, though burn hot as opposed to the Dracosylph cold and do not seem quite so comfortable on Urutau as their cousins. Through direction, they seem to have some kinship and affinity to the Red Dracosylph, Astor the Red, who married one of their number and the couple produced offspring that are pure Red Dracosylph - this could be a weaker variation of the Salamander gene. Their manner of clothing is normally limited to fire resistant materials, like gemstones and baked enhanced materials (alchemical enhanced) which normally give them a militant or religious look.

Culture: They live in communities centered around family, born in clusters they form close bonds with siblings and while a Lord or Noble leads the colony, it is always in unison with the directives of an Ash Priest.

Racial Advantages:

1: Robust and Toughened from the harsh life they live on the Ash Plains of the Elemental Plane of Fire, they gain +3 Hits to All Locations at character generation.

2: They gain Natural Fire Manipulation at Enchanted Level, due to their affinity to Fire.

3: They are Immune to Mundane levels of Fire and the damage it causes, they remain completely susceptible to Enchanted and Divine Fire.

4: They possess Mundane Thermal Vision which may be used to add +3 to Mundane Tracking.

Racial Disadvantages:

1: Water does Enchanted damage to a Salamander.

2: Being in Cold Environments neutralizes all of their racial advantages, so that whilst in locations like Lyrzeria, The Morigena Kingdom, the Savage Mountains and the Zarian Wastes, they may not access their racial advantages such is their discomfort and weakened state.

Notes: This is a work in progress, subject to alteration for 4th Edition Rules.

The Ashborn Skill List:

- 1: Lore: Salamanders (2).
- 2: Salamanders only.

Level One: Enhanced Thermal Vision: The Thermal Vision of the Salamander is now considered to be 'Enchanted'.

Level Two: Enhanced Fire Immunity: The Salamander is now Immune to Enchanted levels of Fire.

Level Three: Resilient: The Salamander gains +3 Hits to all Locations.

Level Four: Bulging Biceps: As per the Ulcas ability.

Level Five: Heart of Fire: The character gains +5 Hits to all Locations.

The Ash Priest:

- 1: Salamanders only.
- 2: Ashborn (3).
- 3: Must be 'Touched by Fire'

Level One: Hardened Scales: May call 'Blunt Blade' versus one strike from a blade once per day.

Level Two: Immunity to Fire: The Salamander is now Immune to Divine levels of Fire.

Level Three: Enhanced Fire Manipulation: The Fire Manipulation of the Salamander is now at a level of Divine Control.

Level Four: Blood of Fire: The character gains +4 Hits to All Locations.

Level Five: Healing of Fire: The character may heal +5 Hits to one location, up to five times per day.

The Ash Plains Wanderer:

- 1: Tracking (4).
- 2: Stealth (4).
- 3: Ashborn (3).

Level One: Ash Woad: The salamander can be covered in Ash Woad, which they may apply themselves, which allows them to use Enchanted Stealth while the woad covers their arms & legs.

Level Two: Speed of the Ash Plains: The character gains +2 Mundane Dodges per Day.

Level Three: Toughened Scales: They may call 'Blunt Blade' versus three attacks per day.

Level Four: Blood of Fire: The character gains +4 Hits to All Locations.

Level Five: Hot on the Heels: The character gains +5 to Tracking and Stealth on the Elemental Plane of Fire, which is reduced to a +3 bonus in places such as The Burning Sands, Khayeim, Grun and Luustrokk - anywhere else that is considered warm reduces the skill still further to a +1 bonus - in cold locations they suffer their racial disadvantage.

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