The Savage Mountains

This mountainous region gives home to two races, the Werewolves who control the region and their slaves, the Men of the Mountains. The Savage Mountains make up a part of the land of Lyrzeria and overlook the Gap of Peril. It is also used as a rites of passage ceremony for the Dracosylph who must hunt and kill a werewolf to become recognised adults in Dracosylph society.

Map Locations:

1: The Castle of the Elemental Union.
2: The Territories of the Western Packs.
3: The Shrine of the Lost Tribe.
4: The Territories of the Marauder Packs.
5: The Den of Alpha's.
6: The Territories of the Eastern Packs.
7: The Lair.
8: The Giant's Settlement.

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