The Scorpion Warrior

The Scorpion Warrior is an elite Fykari Desert Scorpion, rare, they have mastered not only their own body but that of the Giant Scorpions which roam the Great Desert Ocean of the Burning Sands, making them a feared opponent in war.

Prerequisitie: Must be Fykari, must have completed the Desert Scorpion Skill List.

Level One: Scorpion Rider: By pursuit and tenacity, the Scorpion Warrior is able to dominate and make use of a Giant Scorpion by being able to ride it as though the two were one. This makes for a matter of prestige among the Fykari, as well as a powerful combat unit in battle concerning mass warfare as opposed to LARP situations.

Level Two: Skin of the Scorpion: Toughened by exposure to the desert creatures, the environment and the blood of scorpions, the Fykari gains an additional +2 Hits to all Locations.

Note: The character should have physical signs of change to gain the effects of these bonus hits.

Level Three: Scorpion Weaver: Such is the ability to read battle that the Scorpion Warrior may move and dodge all mundane attacks versus them with the damage call of 'Triples'.

Level Four: Scorpion Soul: The Scorpion Warrior is so attuned now to his Scorpion and the way of the Scorpion that they seem unrivalled upon the battlefield, and cannot be turned from their path; this level of the skill tree grants an additional +4 Hits to all Locations to the Scorpion Warrior.

Note: The character should have more obvious physical signs than at level two of this skill list to show their connection to the scorpions to gain the benefits of this skill.

Level Five: Scorpion King:Five times per Event, the Scorpion Warrior may cut themselves and let their blood drip onto a weapon to coat it with an ‘Enchanted Poison’. The blood, once in contact with the target blood kills after a minute. Scorpion Warriors are of course Immune to the poison as well as the Giant Scorpions, and their blood may not be used by any other individual or to go into alchemy.

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