The Seabane

The Seabane are marauding savages, who plunder, rob and kill at whim, taking to piracy in all its horror, usually finding retreats within coves and secret bays around the islands surrounding Taris and across Urutau, unlike the Pirate Court of Taris, these Seabane are remorseless and without a code, following the wiliest, toughest Captains.

Level One: Gills: The transformation by the Void enables the Seabane to breathe both underwater and above.

Level Two: Touch of the Deep: The corruption of the Void turns the Feymori slightly more - fishlike. Fishscales appear across the Seabane's body in patches to provide +2 Hits to all Locations covered.

Level Three: Oily to the Touch: A sickly oil secretes from the Seabanes skin, allowing for +3 Mundane Dodges per day, in addition, the oily substance may be harvested for positive alchemical reasons (gauged by some that the taint of the Void tries to force out any good will within the Seabane).

Level Four: Quick Escape: Four times per day, the Seabane may escape any mundane locks, manacles or forms of captivity, including a 'fair escape' - but they must then leave the scene and not return that day.

Level Five: Savage Teeth: For tearing into flesh, five times per day they may chew through any one mundane locational sized object of approximately 5'' in diameter.

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