The Second Wrotan Republic

The Second Wrotan Republic came into existence following the defeat of the Wrotan Empire in 913 of the Age of Fire, by the Fey-Sirona and to everyones surprise, the Vespari, after it was discovered that wide-spread corruption was the result of influence by the Ethereal Lords following a long-term plan born to fruition to bring about the demise of the original Wrotan Republic.

History will record that the beginning of the Second Wrotan Republic began with the liberation of Wroth Gelrahan, and the revelation of the hidden influence of the Ethereal Lords. Following the subsequent 'Requiem for Winter' Meeting, allied forces then focused their forces on the liberation of Khayeim. Following a decisive, and victorious campaign to take back the Gornang homeland, thoughts turned to the heartland of the Empire.

While events played out elsewhere in Urutau, and even as the Vampires, turned traitor to the Void stayed out of the way, the Fey-Sirona met with the Vespari, and with the invention of the new Vespari Airships, planned a strategic raid, which was then dealt with wide-scale precision, and an unlikely ally. Victory was claimed, and the way was paved for a Second Republic to begin.

Structure of the Wrotan Republic:

Leader: Senator Appraxias of the City State of Wroth Gelrahan.

Full State Members:

1: The City States of Wrotentia.
2: The City State of Menyel-Tiriona.
3: The Nation of Valorn.
4: The Nation of Lyrzeria.
5: The Nation of Quelas.
6: The Nation of Korrigania.
7: The Nation of the Burning Sands.
8: The Nation of Khayeim.
9: The Nation of Grun.
10a*: The Morigena Kingdom.
10b*: The Nimorian Kingdom.

* Expected to become one under the progress of the Kingdom of Water.

Allied Nations:

1: The Nation of the Wild Kingdom.
2: The Nation of Luustrokk.
3: The Nation of Taris.

Bodies of Authority:

1: The Urutau Trading Company.
2: The Army of the Elemental Union.
3: The Navy of the Elemental Union.
4a: The Skyfleet of the Elemental Union.
4b: Skyfleet Academy.
5: The Church of the Elemental Union.

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