The Seer

This is a skill list specific to the Dracosylph.

The Seer:

Seer’s are a great and respected thing among the Dracosylph, and this is why…
Level One: Sense Fate & Fortune (Spell):
This spell enables the Seer to see into either the immediate past or future of a target (24 hours). Seeing the past must be cast separate to seeing the future. An extended time frame may be scryed into at a cost of +1 Mana per extra 24 hours. Seers understand that the future is never wholly accurate and it may be changed.
Level Two: Mystical Defence (Spell):
The Seer, with the casting of this spell may grant the target the chance to dodge two attacks of their choice, either mundane or enchanted in nature. Additional dodges may be created at a rate of +1 Mana per +1 extra dodge.
Level Three: Commune with Dragons (Spell):
By casting this spell, the Seer may open a two-way telepathic channel to a dragon of their choice, providing the dragon is known to the caster. This only works if the dragon is on the same plane of existence as the Seer.
Level Four: Dragon's Sight (Spell):
The spell gifts the Seer with True Sight for the duration of the spell. Anything concealed by mundane or mystical means appears before their eyes when they cast their gaze upon any given location.
Level Five: The Dragon's Bond:
This ability allows the Seer to bond with a willing dragon, allowing them the chance to explore higher magic. Use of this ability requires the expenditure of a Fate Point per dragon bond, as the effects are permanent. Welcome to plot world…

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