The Servant Of Lord Arios

No name is really known for this being, though those who know of the tale, know of his origins.

During the campaign to liberate Khayeim, Astor the Red and Hafu were fighting a number of Ethereal Lords, and by strategic fortune, were able to imprison one such Ethereal Lord within the body of the Red Dracosylph. Taken away, the Fey-Sirona Tea Ceremony was performed, and a most unusual and unexpected thing happened, and the Ethereal Lord was cleansed of all its Void Taint.

Before much else could happen, the being was taken away, claimed by the powers of Lord Arios, for unknown reasons or design, or if it should be seen ever again.

Yet he would resurface, and resurface he did, by turning up during the strike against the Wrotan Empire, assisting the Fey-Sirona. The Servant of Lord Arios entered into and brought about the destruction of the mighty Undead Nexus at the heart of the Empire. The Empire fell, and the Wrotan people, with the Fey-Sirona overlooking the restructure of their favoured way of living, never knew of the messenger, for he vanished again, uncertain whether he should appear again.

Taking on the mantle of 'The White Knight', the servant of Lord Arios recently united with Strunovpaar, an Ethereal Dragon, in order to take up a spiritual crusade on the Elemental Plane of Spirit.

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