The Shield Bearer

The Shield Bearer

Original Concept by Christian Trice, edited by Trevor Halliday.

The strongest and most devout among the paladin order are sometimes elevated to the rank of Shield Bearer. This gives them much sway within their region of protection, though outside of their region, another Paladin need not answer the orders of the 'Shield Bearer', though it is considered disrespectful. In times of a crusade it is from among these elite Paladins that a 'Hammer Bearer' may be chosen.


Access to this skill list is gained principally through heavy role-play and by continued pursuit of church plot.

- 1: Paladin (5).
- 2: Shield use (5).
- 3: Lore: Church of the Elemental Union (5).
- 4: Lore: The Lords and Ladies (5).

Level One: My Faith is my Shield: Upon induction into the ranks of the Shield Bearers, the Paladin is gifted with a 'Blessed' reinforced or metal shield that, as long as the wielders faith never falters (Referee Mediation) may not be broken by mundane or enchanted means, as being blessed is considered 'Divine' in durability.

Level Two: I stand as the Light: By completing a Five Minute prayer over their shield at the start of the day, the Paladin's shield may blaze with holy light that causes 'Divine Fear' to any creatures with Void Taint x2 per day.

Level Three: With the Gods as my Strength: The Paladin may extend their time spent on 'The Prayer of Protection' by three minutes to grant a further +3 Hit Points from a 'Divine' origin. Once the bonus is lost through combat, the Paladin may not perform the Prayer again until Lord Helios has once more risen in the sky.

Level Four: The Faithful walk beside Me: The Faith of the Paladin is so strong now that the time required for 'The Prayer of Sanctification' is now halved, requiring only ten minutes to complete.

The Paladin is Immune to the effects of having 1 Void Point, being able to control the taint while it is at that level such is the strength of their faith.

Level Five: My Shield is the Faith: The Shield may be placed against one Void-Tainted target to (Divinely) burn out Void-Taint at a rate of 1 point per completion of the Shield-Bearers Oath also doing 1 point of Divine Global Damage:

'My Faith is my Shield,
I stand as the Light,
With the Gods as my Strength,
The Faithful walk beside me,
My Shield is my Faith'

The Shield-Bearer's Oath is sworn upon initiation into the ranks of the Shield-Bearers.

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