The Shrine Of The Lost Tribe

The cave is old, and found within the Western Territories of the Savage Mountains, with many cave paintings, primitive in nature, fused with magical energy that have lasted through the ages of Urutau.

One looking at the paintings will see the origins of the Men of the Mountains it seemed they had fled the lands to the west - what was the Wrotan homeland in what could only be before the Age of the Void.

Strange bird-like creatures seemed to come into conflict with the Men of the Mountains as they begun to establish themselves in the mountains - their magic users taking to underground caverns like this one - to gain new wisdom and new pathways to lead the people in a battle for survival against the winged birdmen.

Tribal heroes stand proud and victorious with paintings seeming to depict that the Men of the Mountains drove out or drove to extinction these Birdmen and so the Men of the Mountains started settling true in the Mountains.

And then the cave paintings get darker.

And the Werewolves came and took leadership of the tribes, turning some into Lycanthropes, or taking others to breed with in savage fury.

A dark lady showed the Men of the Mountains her way, speaking to their shamans now and helping the tribes to become more warlike - but always as servants to the Werewolves.

A few pictographs show visions of fighting for independence, a time when the people can live without domination by outside forces - but by evidence, this future had not yet come to pass…

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