The Silver Eagle Clan

The Silver Eagle Clan

The Silver Eagle Clan is one of the five clans that make up Fey-Sirona society on Menyel-Tiriona, the last survivors of the Champion Race of Air. Led by a Grand Daimyo who serves the High King. The clan is divided into eight talons, smaller family units that live within the same district of the famed floating city of the elves. Each talon numbers approximately five to twenty members, who serve the Daimyo of the family with loyalty and respect.

The Silver Eagle Clan are the watchers of the Moon, they search and hunt the Agents of the Void when Lord Helios is not in the sky, and as such, have been known to employ stealthier tactics than other Fey-Sirona, using the shadows to their advantage.

Family Advantage: The Silver Eagle Clan get a +1 to their Tracking Skill when the moon is in the sky.

Talon Disadvantage: If a player chooses to be part of a Talon, they gain the advantage of that Talon as well as the Family advantage of the Silver Eagle Clan. However, they also gain the disadvantage of double duration of the effects of Void Taint.


The Haria

The Haria mainly serve as scouts, using the shadows of the night to gain information on Agents of the Void.

Talon Advantage: +1 to Stealth when the moon is in the sky.


The Suterusu:

The Suterusu serve as the Spies of the family, often infiltrating enemy territory in order to gain information and intelligence.

Talon Advantage: With the wearing of a bound mask as a disguise, the Deception of the Suterusu becomes ‘Enchanted’ when the moon is in the sky.

The Kankaku:

The Kankaku are more sensitive to the Void than other members of the Clan and can sense it (as per the Samurai level three skill) at a greater distance than their brethren.

Talon Advantage: If the Kankaku is a Samurai, they can sense Void at a distance of 10m. Those without the Samurai Skill list can sense Void at a distance of 5m.

The Torakku:

Within the Torakku are those who are masters of tracking, using their own special methods to do so.

Talon Advantage: The wearing of a bound mask allows for Tracking to become ‘Enchanted’ when the moon is in the sky.

The Muishiki:

The Muishiki are the enforcers of the clan, known as ‘The Masks of Justice’, using necessary force to keep enemies contained.

Talon Advantage: When the moon is in the sky, the bound mask is donned, and Subdue damage becomes ‘Enchanted’.

The Kizuna:

Kizuna craft the bonds used by the ‘Masks of Justice’ with techniques they keep close to their chests,

Talon Advantage: Gain a -1xp break on buying the Trade (as per page 226 of the Players Handbook) and Invocation (Page 199 of the Players Handbook) Skill Lists.

The Nuru:

The Nuru have learnt to quiet the Void in others. Through the use of special techniques, The Nuru can distract from the effects of the Void.

Talon Advantage: Once per event, through the use of a special breathing technique, a willing Void Tainted target may be distracted from the activation of the Taint, delaying its effect…

The Gomakashi:

This Talon is made up of those who are ready to take on the Void, keeping watch, and ready to take action.

Talon Advantage: +1 Hits per Location when the moon is in the sky.

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