The Spiratans

The Spiratans are a sub-group of the Wrotan, devoted to the arts of war, hailing from a city state close to the borders of Grun. Such are their skills in warfare that their troops regularly appeared as the commanders of the Wrotan Empire forces.

Following the liberation of Wroth Gelrahan and the revelation of influence by the Ethereal Lords being brought to light, the Spiratans have declared for the Wrotan Republic.

Issues in Grun led to Spirata falling under attack by Ogres, and then taken over by Demons leading up to 'The Sum of All Things'. A party led by King Theuss, 1st of his Name, was sent in to rescue the Elderly and remaining Gogi inside the City, resulting in a stand off between Theuss and the Custodian of Purgatory One.

Currently the Spiratans are leaderless, following the death of King Theuss, who was the established general of the second Wrotan Republic forces, charged with defending the fragile Republic territories as they rebuild their old trade routes and alliances. They now look to the Senate of the Wrotan Republic, until a new leader can be appointed…

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