The Spirit Walker

The Spirit Walker is a Queldi Totem Warrior inducted into the higher mysteries by the power of the Druids, often entrusted with specific tasks and duties that require them to walk this path. Induction requires a ritual taking place within the sanctity of the Druids home in the Great Forest of Quelas.


1: Must be a Queldi that has completed the Totem Warrior Skill List.
2: Must have been in the Ritual Circle of the Druid Sanctuary in Quelas and endorsed by the Druids to pursue this path.
3: Must be Blessed by Lady Gaia.

Level One: Awakened: Unable to cast magic, the soul of the character is highly magical charged now to support the pursuit of this path. Once per Day the character may cross from the physical world into that of the spirit world to pursue a spirit quest determined at the time of the crossing. Upon the completion of the quest, to return the character must draw their blood and await the Druids to draw them back into the physical world.

Level Two: Totem Attunement: They have gained the speed, the strength and the cunning of their associated totem patron, gaining +1 Hit Points to All Locations and +1 Enchanted Dodge per Day while within the Spirit Realm only.

Level Three: Path Maker: The character has become more infused with their Totem and the spirit world. As such they may now enter or exit the Spirit World up to three times per day (crossing over takes three seconds).

Level Four: Totem Fusion: While in the spirit world, the character gains +2 to Tracking and Stealth, and use of these skills are 'Enchanted'.

Level Five: Separation: With this level of attainment, the character may separate their mind and soul from their body. A very dangerous endeavour that allows them to enter the subconscious mind of a target or to walk the spirit world to pursue a given quest bestowed upon them by the Druids.

The purpose of this ability is a very vague and unknown notion, and requires Referee Involvement with any use and role-play. The character may use separation five times per event, and must be used to first separate the mind and soul from the body, and another use must then also be used to rejoin the mind and soul with the body.

- Extended absence from the body can be damaging or terminal.
- Death to the mortal body can be terminal.

With the expenditure of a Fate Point, it is possible for the character to force their mind and soul into the possession of another body, this can be either to gain 5 minutes of possession in which the bodies mind and soul, or host, is forced into submission for the duration of the control. Or, if the host is absent, or their mind and soul is destroyed, the character may elect to take up permanent residence of that body.

Permanent Residence of a body destroys the existing skill lists of 'Totem Warrior' and 'Spirit Walker' for the character as their mind and soul now moves to adapt and attune to its new body. Nothing prevents them relearning the skill lists and leads to the belief in reincarnation that the Queldi hold. The loss of the skill lists do not mean the character is reimbursed Experience Points previously spent developing the skill lists rather they must be bought again from scratch.

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