The Stranger

The Stranger was first encountered as the future heir of the Queldi Crown, Princess Mia was being escorted to the Druids of Quelas - through her disappearance and his offer to help if terms were met - which those accompanying her did so with reluctance. Upon achieving the deal, she was in fact returned and the quest so bartered undertaken. He returned to offer aid to the party of adventurers after further problems arose from the Princess, and in doing so revealed some mystery and danger about his potency and agendas, citing he could help alleviate the problems the Princess was facing (she was in fact pregnant with Demon Monarchs!) but at a terrible price. This time his offer was turned down.

But following their own council, events played out so that a permanent portal was opened up between Urutau, close to the magical wards of the Druids of Quelas and the Elemental Plane of the Void, where Iskalli had taken the Princess. Unsure of what to do, a deal was struck between the party and the Stranger:

'That he would contain the Portal, and prevent anyone from travelling through it, until such time as the book he desires is recovered from its place of keeping, upon recovery of the book he (the Stranger) would then have the power to close the portal, which he will do so in fulfillment of his side of the agreement'. This was then done, the heroes completing their agreement.

Bound to this 'Portal' agreement were: Agrippa, Baelvanna, Munchkin, Rana Dae and of course the Stranger.


Since that time the Stranger has not been seen of, though it is always a matter of chance and opportunity before he will pop up again…

The Stranger has been revealed to be one of three siblings, an agent of Chaos, or Evil Fate alongside his sister who acts as an Agent of Law, or Good Fate, and brother who seemed to be the balancing factor between the other two. His story ended with his death in the Age of Fire.

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