The Summer Warrior

The Summer Warrior is a special blessing passed on by Lord Gorn to his champion, Astor the Red, as such he is the only known one with access to the following Skill List, which acts as a reversed version of the Dracosylph 'Winter Warrior'.


- Dracosylph Only.
- Must be Blessed by Lord Gorn, or Lord Helios.

Level One: Blood of Fire: All mundane forms of poison no longer survive in the burning veins of a Red Dracosylph, though when poison is introduced the character should show physical pain as the body looks to rejects such poison through regurgitation or a wound burning away the invasive poison.

Level Two: Summers Edge: Ignore Mundane 'Singles' & 'Doubles'.

Level Three: Burning Touch: The Summer Warrior is intensely hot generating an internal fire that means items can easily light if they are flammable in nature. With nothing flammable available, the character simply 'smoulders' as a permanent effect. They may now cause additional damage to Sharp Weaponry. Three times per day, when struck with a sharp weapon, the Dracosylph may call 'Break Weapon', making the weapon useless until it is repaired. This does not effect Enchanted Weapons, only Mundane or Standard Crafted Weaponry.

Level Four: The Strength of Dragons: +4 Hits to All Locations.

Level Five: Enchanted Claws (And Teeth): The Claws and Teeth of the Summer Warrior do 'Enchanted' Damage. Five times per day when they bite a target, they may cause that location to burst into flames, which the target should then roleplay.


If the Summer Warrior is blessed by Lord Gorn, the character gets as a natural ability Elemental Manipulation: Fire. And that they also become Immune to Mundane Fire.

If the Summer Warrior is blessed by Lord Helios, the character gains as a natural ability: Elemental Manipulation: Sun Fire, and that they also become Immune to Mundane Fire. They can easily replicate the level one ability of the Initiate of Lord Helios, and be used as a torch…

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