The Temple Of The Grey Maiden

The Temple of the Grey Maiden is a unique place in the Dark Mountains, found - for those who have the nous to seek it out and discover it - somewhere within the north western regions of the demesne of Lillian.

It is rumoured that there is access to be found, if one sails along the coast of the Dark Mountains, for there is meant to be a cove, where small ships may drop anchor, and take the secret passage from, and be led up to the Temple itself.

The Temple of the Grey Maiden is the home of a cult devoted to the mysterious figure of the Grey Maiden, and devoted to the practice of Whispers, Deception and Death. The Initiation Rites are unknown, though initiates have access to the following skill list:

Initiate of the Grey Maiden:

Level One: Grace of the Grey Maiden: The Initiate gains +1 to their Stealth.

Level Two: Deception of the Grey Maiden: The Initiate gains +2 Mundane Dodges per Night.

Level Three: Instruction of the Grey Maiden: The Initiate gains +1 to Deception, Stealth and Tracking. If they already have Deception to its maximum level of five, they may choose to put the +1 bonus into Thief, or Rogue instead.

Level Four: Blessing of the Grey Maiden: x4 uses per Night, their Stealth or Tracking may be enhanced so that for a four minute period it is to be considered as 'Enchanted'.

Level Five: Kiss of the Grey Maiden: x1 Use per Night, the Initiate may pass on an accrued Void Point directly to the Grey Maiden, this must be passed on as soon as the Void Point is earned, and further acts that night that would earn Void Points will then go directly to the Initiate.

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