The Thane

The Thane is an aging Queldi Lord, ruler of the Seaworthy Tribe. Who rules the lands known as the Stretch from what is regarded the most wealthy city throughout Quelas.

He has a number of children who have been involved in some of the more recent events surrounding Queldi history, namely his daughter 'Ceinwyn' who was married to Lorican who was to have been High King of the Queldi, prior to his mysterious disappearance. The simple fact, or fate, that seems to have been shared by his daughter (who would have been Queen) as to Lorican has removed doubt over the harsh possibility of the Thane having taken action to preserve his own tribes credentials over those of any High King. His eldest son is Thane Rhufon Seaworthy.

The Thane maintained good working relations with the Wrotan Empire and it is also believed with the Fomori, the Feymori and ties to the Feygorn and even the Fykari. He is known to not be a man who is crossed lightly, and his realm has become known commonly as the Stretch due to the frequency with which criminals are known to be hanged and left on public display, especially along the main road which runs west of the Great Forest of Quelas all the way from the north down to the south.

It is seen as something of a marvel that the Thane lent his martial support to Lorican, and yet remained on good terms with the Wrotan Empire once hope behind independence was lost.

In 912 of the Age of Fire, the Thane, along with his long time friend Augustine, invested in the renovation of the Grand Arena in Wrotentia, to be opened in the ninth month of the year 913 AoF.

In 913 of the Age of Fire, as the civil dispute between Tiamey and Nia raged across Quelas, a deal was brokered between the Thane and Rana Dae of the Morigena Kingdom, which led to the Seaworthies throwing their support behind Nia. The deal was, in return for trade links, and the building of Dragonsfall Mead Hall, plus access to Morigena Shipwrights, the Thane would support Nia and sway the other Thanes, stripping Tiamey of the support she had thought secure.

It is a politically accepted possibility that the son of the Thane, Kalan, is a potential suitor for the new Queen. In Spring of 914 this was more than confirmed when the suitor was accepted and the young couple married. He remains a powerful political figure in the Wrotan Republic.

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