The Tower Of Sorcery

The Tower of Sorcery is the nexus of all Fey-Sidious Magic, both established and with experimentation, it is a place of high cunning and devious minds that work to progress the goals of the Void through the applications of magical evolution. Many know of its location in the Zarian Wastes, and some have even been bold enough to break in during the past, and some have even managed to escape to tell the tale! Yet with each passing year the power contained within grows.

Recent projects the Fey-Sidious have applied include modification to the Black Dragons through Biomancy with secrets learned from Little Red, and the creation of Giants, who were then infected with Lycanthropy. Nothing was more sinister and creative though, then the creation of Great Black following the defeat of the Black Dragons in 913 of the Age of Fire over the Morigena Kingdom.

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