The Ulcas

The Ulcas are lizardkin who live within the mountain region known as Grun and they are a race of Fire. It is speculated that they have genetic links to the Dracosylph, perhaps as progenitors of that race of dragonkin or grounding for biomantic fusion or reconstruction between Ulcas and the blood of Dragons.


The Ulcas live in fiercely competitive tribes all across the mountains of Grun, and while some may underestimate their aggressive natures for stupidity, the wise do not. For a long time they have enjoyed prosperity through trade without becoming overly embroiled in politics across the world of Urutau, but of recent they have become central it seems through both benevolent help to the Gornang and in arming the Fykari in preparation for war.

History: The Ulcas from their creation looked down into the tunnels and mines of Grun before looking outward to their allies and quickly became skilled miners with an abundance of minerals, which would eventually form the basis of their nations finances and shape. Unlike the Gornang, who express beauty in all their works, the Ulcas went for the practical even if it meant it might be unsightly or crude in design.

But the Ulcas prospered during the Age of Air and suffered when the Age of the Void came, as the enemy hit the Ulcas hard for their riches and forced the Ulcas into slave labour, seeing the potential in their strength and danger in violence. A fair number of Ulcas tribes succumbed to the temptation of the Void and fought alongside the enemy, but were treated little better than animals or sacrificial pawns. Those tribes were destroyed as the Age of the Void came to an end.

As the Age of Fire started, the Ulcas were wary of joining the Wrotan Republic, but they were favoured by the Wrotan and with Gornang persuasion, the Ulcas became a part of the Republic and were instrumental in the rebuilding of Republic lands through supply of materials.

Physical Characteristics: The Ulcas are a race of lizard men with coloured leathery skins varying from yellow for youngsters, green for young adults, black for adults and grey leathery skins for elders. They have pointed ears and sharp teeth, with wispy hair and keen eyes. Their manners are crude and savage, which does not earn them high respect within the Republic or other societies across Urutau. They favour furs and leathers for day-to-day wear and will make use of any type of weaponry and armour in times of war.

Culture: The Ulcas are divided and identified by the tribes within which they are members and led by a ‘Boss’, normally the largest and toughest Ulcas of the tribe. The boss is in turn supported by ‘ladz’ who are loyal to him and used to keep the rest of the tribe in line. The Ulcas are a peculiar race who at times display great levels of bravery and fighting spirit and at other times they are riddled with fear and run to their caverns, for like many of the children of fire they are underground dwellers.

Racial Advantage: The Ulcas possess Mundane Thermal Vision as a natural ability. This may provide a +3 bonus to Mundane Tracking.

Disadvantage: The vision of the Ulcas is more naturally inclined towards Thermal Vision as they favour living and working underground, as such they find being under direct sunlight a discomfort and suffer limited vision during daylight hours; they have difficulty seeing objects or people with great accuracy beyond twenty metres.

Notes: The Ulcas and Dracosylph have history between them that leads to a general dislike and distrust towards each other, with rumours abound that the Dracosylph were spawned from Ulcas who had bred with the Black Dragons and been influenced by the Void to be servants of evil - until the actions of Great White turned them into a force for good and an independent race of the Air. Ulcas are warm – blooded, Dracosylph are cold – blooded.

Skill Lists

The Ladz: The Ulcas are renowned for feats of toughness, often shrugging off blows that would have killed a weaker, human or ‘pink skin’ warrior.

Level One: Iron Skull: The Ulcas is Immune to Mundane forms of Sub dual damage, so they may not be knocked out by mundane means.

Level Two: Tough Hide: The scales of the Ulcas have started to harden from the constant fighting and trials of Ulcas life. The character gains +2 Hits to all Locations.

Level Three: Bulging Biceps: The Ulcas have developed their muscle to the extent that they will automatically win any Mundane test involving strength versus strength, unless the opposing person also has the 'Bulging Biceps' ability (in which case any bulging biceps versus bulging biceps is resolved by the owner of the highest Hits per Location winning the contest of strength).

Level Four: Tougher Hide: The Ulcas has survived longer then most other Ulcas and as such, they gain +4 Hits to all Locations.

Level Five: Da’ Big Boss: The Ulcas gains +5 Hits to all Locations and gives off an aura of leadership which is applicable only to other player character Ulcas. Each additional player character Lad present gains +1 Hits to all Locations for having a boss present whom they can follow.

When two Ulcas player characters come into proximity with this level of skill, they must immediately fight for dominance; the winner keeps his skill level and becomes the tribal leader (i.e. the Big Boss) – the loser loses the level five skill level and is refunded half the XP it cost to gain this skill level. They may buy the skill level again when they have the XP available and they may challenge a Big Boss, but losing always carries the same penalty.

A Big Boss who successfully defeats a challenger gains for free the other half in XP that the losing character does not get refunded.

A player character Ulcas over the course of their existence that loses three challenges for dominance loses permanently the level one skill of Iron Skull and also gains a Void Point as failure begins to consume their soul.

The Prospector (Excavator): Ulcas prospectors explore the tunnels searching for veins of valuable ores to exploit. Those that aren't tunnel savvy or lucky don't last long in this dangerous environment.

Level One: Sneaky Imp: While underground (tunnels, caves or caverns) the player cannot be seen by any ‘Mundane’ forms of vision. This does not mean that a higher tracking level cannot physically find them in a Tracking versus Stealth contest.

**Level Two: Slippery Eel: **The Ulcas character gains two Mundane Dodges per Day.

Level Three: Trail Awareness: The player is able to recall any tunnel path that they have delved and able to detect hidden paths with a simple test (Against the Ref).

Level Four: Nimble, Nifty, Noggin: The Ulcas player gains +2 Hits per Location and +2 Mundane dodges per day.

Level Five: Luck of Lord Gorn: The player may alter a test or outcome against them up to Five times per Event in their favour by calling upon their aptitude to be lucky, swords swung at them miss, traps misfire, spells miss them when the player calls out ‘Luck of Lord Gorn’ versus any ‘Mundane’ or ‘Enchanted’ attacks.

The Shaman: Ulcas shamans act as a tribe’s collective memory and as the advisor to the Big Boss.

Level One: Memory of the Tribe (Spell): The first thing a Shaman learns is the tales of their tribe (A Shaman automatically gets Ulcas Lore at a level equal to their level in this racial skill list). But they may make a simple casting to tap into the spiritual memory of the Ulcas tribes to gain what they should know (they gain the knowledge they seek but suffer a +1 Global Wound for being stupid and not knowing!)

Level Two: Strength of the Tribe: A Shaman may draw Mana Points from the Tribes Totem - Mana that is available for the Shaman to be drawn from a tribal totem equals a number of Mana Points per day equal to the number of Ulcas within the tribe, present at the event at a rate of +2 Mana Points per Ulcas. Only Ulcas Shaman may draw on the Mana within the totem, though any number of Shaman may share the Mana. For role-play flavour, the Mana is generated by the Ulcas Tribe being loud, reverent and together around the totem each morning.

Level Three: Tribal Strength (Spell): The Shaman casts this spell and it effects all player character Ulcas within the tribe. The Tribe is strengthened and gains +3 Hits for the duration of the spell.

Level Four: Tribal Mind (Spell): The Shaman casts this spell and it effects all player character Ulcas within the tribe so that they may ignore any ‘Mundane’ and ‘Enchanted’ mind altering effects cast or used against them all for as long as the spell is active.

Level Five: Tribal Rage (Spell): The Shaman casts this spell and it effects all player character Ulcas within the tribe (except for the Shaman). The Tribe gains the ‘Berserker Fury’ as per the Fykari racial ability. At the end of the spell the entire tribe suffer from the after effects of the Berserker fury as per the Fykari racial ability also.

The Fykari Berserker ability: When entering the beserker rage, they gain an extra level of damage (to a maximum of Quad) and a +5 bonus hits to all locations whilst it lasts (One minute for every Base Hit the character possesses); Fykari may berserk once per day and are all but physically shattered following the end of the rage, they may walk and combat skills are reduced by 1, until they have a good night’s rest to recuperate fully, before they may enter the berserk rage again.

The Ulcas may also learn The Way of the Firefly.

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