The Urutau Trading Company

The Urutau Trading Company

The Urutau Trading Company is in the process of being set up by the Wrotan Republic for the global transportation and dealing of goods. With it's headquarters in Wroth Gelrahan, officials have been travelling Urutau to set up bases for the UTC as well as various trade routes.

Players will have the opportunity to become members of the UTC. Benefits will include reduction of cost to ship repairs, reinforcement of ships armour and an annual income.


Becoming a member of the UTC will have the added benefit of being recognised as a trustworthy trader and transporter of goods, and as such may be approached by players and npc's to oversee dealings as a mediator, or transport goods.

Prerequisites: Must have at least level 3 of the "Merchant" social status skill list.
Membership costs 5 Silver Crests per annum.

1. Becoming a member automatically qualifies the player to receive a 10% discount on all ship repairs upon presentation of their membership card at certain ports. Upon buying this level, the player will receive their membership card.

2. Members will receive a one time free armour upgrade to their vessel, gaining a +2 to their vessels armour value. This will be available from designated Shipwrights.

3. As a member of the UTC, the player is now recognised as a trustworthy trader, and as such will receive an annual income of 50 silver.

4. The player has established themselves as a regular trader within the UTC and now receives an annual income of 100 silver.

5. An esteemed and valued member of the UTC. The player now receives an annual income of 200 silver.

Annual income does not stack. The UTC prides itself on being a trustworthy and reliable trading company, and as such it's members will be expected to conduct themselves in the proper fashion when trading and transporting goods. Members found to be double crossing clients or bringing the UTC into disrepute will have their membership revoked and be subject to suitable punishment. Membership fees will be non refundable.

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