The Vampires

The Vampires reside in the Dark Mountains and have strong hatreds towards the fire controlling Gornang and enjoy preying upon the Fykari. Immortal creatures with a thirst for blood, they possess blood magic, the powers to command the weak-willed and the ability to change shapes between that of men and animals.

They are served by the Grey Men who are predominantly taken from Fykari stock and make for excellent servants.

In recent times the Vampires have rejoiced at the fall of Khayeim through an organised invasion with the Ethereal Lords that saw the fall of that dwarven kingdom, though it became evident during forays into the fallen Gornang realm, that the Vampires had begun a civil war with the Ethereal Lords in 912 of the Age of Fire that has as yet to be settled..

The Vampires are led by their three founders, who have divided the Dark Mountains into territories of their own. Information on these three vampires are scarce, other than their names: Elijah, Lillian, and Vilio. Lady Espari favours the Vampires as leaders of the Void, while it was Lord Math who placed the Ethereal Lords as leaders of the Vidians.

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