The Way of the Firefly

The Way of the Firefly is a strange unassuming creature from the fire nations, they can be obscure, or enlightening, depending on the way a character of fire birth treats with them – but taking the time to do so can be rewarding.


- 1: Finding a swarm of Fireflies.
- 2: Cleanse a Void Taint within the fire nations with aid from the Fireflies.
- 3: Being granted a gift from the Fireflies.
Benefit: As well as gaining access to the skill list, the character also gains a physical
alteration to their appearance, often taking on aspects of fire, mainly reflected in the
glowing of their eyes and a reddening of their skin as their hue takes on a brown taint
or coating.

Level One: Serenity: Once per day, the character may – after taking a firm hold of a target, prevent the influence of the Void within the target for one minute.

Level Two: Shiny: The character may twice per day activate the connection to the fireflies, so that their eyes glow more and provide a source of light wherever they may
be, with this also granting them two minutes of Enchanted Vision which assists any Tracking versus Stealth.

Level Three: Make a Stand: Three times per Day, the character may ignore the effects of a Mundane ‘Knock-Back’ or ‘Knock-Down’.

Level Four: Pretty Angels: The appearance of the character changes so that the effects of the affinity to the fireflies grants them +4 to Deception.

Level Five: Big Damn Heroes: The character and up to four trusted friends or allies shine with the glow of the fire flies, so that they cause Enchanted Fear to all Void –Tainted for a five minute period. This effect may be used once per Day.

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