The Way Of The Kraken

The Way of the Kraken is an specilised Water Race Skill List, rare even, that they have mastered not only their own body but that of the ways of the deep sea creature known as the Kraken.


1: Must be a Water Race.
2: Also available to the Calatamori as a racial Skill List.

Skill List:

Level One: Unleash the Kraken: By pursuit and tenacity, the character is able to dominate and make use of a Kraken by being able to summon it (Once per Event) as though the two were one (it must be deemed to be close by the Referee Team). This makes for a matter of prestige among the Water Races, as well as a powerful combat unit in battle concerning mass warfare as opposed to LARP situations.

- For various costs, the size and number of the Kraken sumoned can exceed the basic use of this skill list.

Level Two: Hide of the Kraken: Toughened by exposure to the ocean depths and affinity to the Kraken, the character takes on a toughened appearance and gains an additional +2 Hits to all Locations (requires Physical Representation to cover changes to the characters appearance).

Level Three: Oil of the Kraken: Understanding the Way of the Kraken means the character moves with confidence so that they may move and dodge, gaining +3 Mundane Dodges per Day.

Level Four: Kraken's Soul: The character is so attuned now to the Kraken and the way of the creature and the sea that they seem unrivalled upon a battlefield, and cannot be turned from their path; this level of the skill tree grants an additional +4 Hits to all Locations to the character, and requires further physical alterations to the characters appearance.

Level Five: Kraken's Guile: Five times per day, the character may loosen up their flesh and bone, so as to escape any Mundane or Enchanted forms of bonds that restrict their movement/ keep them prisoner. This does not include Word Play or Binding Agreements, it is just relevant to physical restrictions.

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