The Way of the Lammasu

The Way of the Lammasu is a list available to all Air races that is a strange creature that can bestow unusual benefits to the character that can find one and earn its trust.


- 1: Find a Lammasu.
- 2: Prove yourself to the Lammasu (No Void Taint, or to not have been VoidTainted
over the past year).
- 3: Be granted a gift by the Lammasu.

Benefit: As well as gaining access to the skill list, the character also gains a physical alteration to their appearance, eyebrows become harsh and fierce.

Disadvantage: The moment a character with this list gains a Void Point, they lose all investment in the skill. To regain the abilities and skills, they must meet the prerequisites once again, and then repurchase all of the skills once again with no XP refunds.

Level One: Discern Void: The character gains the ability to detect ALL Void Taint within sight.

Level Two: Fierce Grace: The character gains +2 to Deception versus all Void Tainted.

Level Three: Dilute Curses and Enhance Blessings: The power of the Lammasu enables the character to study, tap into and alter things such as curses and blessings. To do so requires the expenditure of a Fate Point as it calls upon Divine Power, but it does enable a curse or a blessing to be manipulated, either for a reduction or enhancement that is subject to Head Referee mediation.

Level Four: Summon Lammasu: Once per Event, the character can summon the mind of the Lammasu to connect with their own to gain insight and advice into a problem, which shall always be helpful and insightful.

Level Five: Divine Power: Once per Event, the character can call upon the power of the Lammasu to wash over them, and anyone holding their hands, to protect them with divine power. The effects are resolved with Head Referee mediation, but it is often the answer of Lord Arios and will be done to the favour of the pure and virtuous.

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