The Way of the Unicorn

The Way of the Unicorn is a special list available to all Earth Races who show the patience and tenacity to seek out and learn what is so special about these rare and fantastic creatures, and the gifts it can bestow through understanding and forming a connection.


- 1: Finding a Unicorn.
- 2: Befriending a Unicorn.
- 3: Being granted a gift from the Unicorn.

Benefit: As well as gaining access to the skill list, the character also gains a physical alteration to their appearance, often taking on light (white) bearding around the edges of their face, pointing of the ears (or changes pointed ears slightly if ears are already pointed) and the brow can alter slightly also, taking on a strange pointed focus like the base of the Unicorns Horn, changing the contour of the forehead.

Level One: Heart of the Unicorn: Once per day, the character may detect ALL Void Taint within an area (requires Referee Direction).

Level Two: Tranquillity of the Unicorn: So long as the character has no raised weapons, the Void cannot come within two meters of the character.

Level Three: Poison Purification: By bringing their own blood into contact with a poison, the poison is neutralised – a character may perform this three times per day
versus ‘Mundane’ and ‘Enchanted’ poisons.

Level Four: Unicorn Stealth: The character gains +4 to their Stealth skill.

Level Five: Healing: Five times per day, the character may lay their hands on a target location, and heal it completely of all its sustained damage, though this has no effect versus severed limbs or Fatal Strikes if the target has already died.

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