The Were Dracul

The Were-Dracul were formed from the magic ritual performed by Great White, the other dragons and members of the Elemental Union who travelled to Dovah-Gol in order to form the magical creation process for the Good and for the Neutral factions, the Were-Dracul being forged as the Good Faction.

By design in ritual they have a similar appearance to the Dracosylph, being of dragons blood and magic, but while the Dracosylph possess scales and skin, the Were-Dracul seem to be genetical different in having feathers down their arms and upon their back which range in colours, perhaps lending to family lines with alignment to the factions of the Elemental Union.

The Were-Dracul are an honourable race who value truth and plain speaking, defending the weak and prepared to fight evil wherever it may be found.

Racial Advantage: A strange quirk of this race is that they get possessed of sneezing fits close to danger or Void Taint, a good system for rooting out evil - but terrible for stealth!

Racial Disadvantage: Away from Dovah-Gol, the Were-Dracul suffer an allergy which makes their skin itch and can lead to their feathers falling out.

Racial Skill Lists: The Obsidian Warrior, The Seer and The Windrider.

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