The Were Dracul Obsidian Warrior

The fighting caste of the Were-Dracul, they are not something to be trifled with…

Prerequisites: Were-Dracul.

Level One: As Sharp as Glass: +1 Dodge versus Mundane or Enchanted Attacks.

Level Two: As Tough as Glass: +2 Hits to All Locations.

Level Three: Obsidian Soul: The Were-Dracul is a natural +3 Mana Battery for Were-Dracul Seers.

Level Four: Obsidian Strength: The Were-Dracul gains +4 Hits to All Locations.

Level Five: Obsidian Skin: The skin of the Were-Dracul is Immune to Mundane 'Singles', 'Doubles' and 'Triples', with Mundane 'Quads' and ANY 'Enchanted' Damage doing only one Hit Point of Damage to the location struck.

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