The Were Dracul Seer

The Were-Dracul Seer Spell List:

Prerequisite: Must be a Were-Dracul. Must be a Magic User.

Level One: Dragon Sight: The casting of this spell lets the caster see all, be it mundane or Enchanted in nature, hidden or unhidden.

Level Two: Obsidian Soul: The Seer gains +2 natural Mana Points.

Level Three: Elemental Manipulation: Nominally determined by the colour of the feathers, the Were-Dracul may manipulate an Element to which they have alignment - Green for Earth, Red for Fire, White for Air and Blue for Water. Those who succumb to Void Taint see their feathers turn black and grey.

Level Four: Summon Dragon: Through the use of this spell, and the true name of the dragon, the Were-Dracul may summon the dragon to appear in their vicinity.

Level Five: Strength of Dragons: The casting of this spell grants to the target +5 Hits per Location, +5 Mana Points and +5 Dodges versus Mundane and Enchanted attacks for the duration of the spell.

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