The Were Dracul Windrider

The Were-Dracul Wind Rider is a scout and predatorial hunter.

Prerequisites: Must be a Were-Dracul, and needs its feathers to use the skill list and its advantages.

Level One: Eagle Eyes: The Were-Dracul sees much and its eyes are resistant to high winds and not easily deceived.

Level Two: Gliding: Twice per day the Were-Dracul may glide from a height without fear of taking damage.

Level Three: Evasion: The Wind-Rider gains +3 Mundane dodges per day.

Level Four: Wind Riding: Four times per day the Wind Rider can fly, for a four minute period, subject to interaction with the Referee Team.

Level Five: Death from Above: May be used Once per Day. The character is taken out of play for a minimum of five mintues as they fly high above the mundane perception of friends and foe alike, until such time as they decide to strike by plummeting in a High Speed Dive that causes a Fatal Strike to the target. In the exception that a target is able to evade the strike, a Fate Point is required to prevent the Were-Dracul Wind-Rider hitting the surface and dying instantly.

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