The Were Urgo

The Were-Urgo are the Champions of the Earth, beastmen with highly advanced regenerative powers to fight the agents of the Void based in their homeland of the Wild Kingdom.

History: The Were-Urgo were chosen in the first days to be the champions of the Earth races and granted gifts to make them worthy of the title. Both Lady Gaia and Lord Astagos bestowed directives and understandings upon them so that each and every beast kin of the Were-Urgo would know their place in the Circle of Life.

Through the Age of Air and the coming of the Age of the Void, the Were-Urgo did everything that was expected of them as champions, resisting the scourge of the Void. With the passing of that awful age and the rise of the Age of Fire, the Were-Urgo went back to their lives as though nothing had happened, which they have done to this day.

Physical Characteristics: The Were-Urgo differ in as many ways as there are different breeds of kin, be it Wolf, Lion, Bear or Monkey kin. They make practical use of materials native to their lands for dressing and rarely adopt the styles of the outside world.

Culture: The Were-Urgo are structured according to their status of breed and purpose, they are led by an Alpha (normally a Lionkin) who in turn is supported by a Beta and the mystical Monkeykin. They care little for the politics of the Wrotan Republic but do recognise its efforts. The Were-Urgo are proud and independent with closest ties to the Fey-Tir who they consider worthy allies and good companions in the Circle of Life, having fought alongside each other during the Age of the Void. Many of their mannerisms and ways of thinking are guided by animal instinct and a practical respect towards the earth, to this end they rarely employ armour and care little for the weapons employed by many of the other races among the children, this is not to say however that they do not recognise the usefulness in such practices.

Racial Advantage: As Champions of Earth, all Were-Urgo are blessed with the Divine Ability of Regeneration, they heal at a global rate of one hit every five minutes if the damage is ‘Mundane’ or one hit every ten minutes if it is ‘Enchanted’ damage. If the Were-Urgo are killed however they will not regenerate!

Racial Disadvantage: Most body parts of the Were-Urgo make for prized components in the skill of Alchemy at all levels and it is not uncommon for pirates, smugglers and hunters to trap or kill Were-Urgo, or even attempt to sell them into slavery! Were-Urgo will find it extremely insulting if an Alchemist tries to harvest their bodily parts while they are alive and without their permission, however if a Were-Urgo has died it would fully expect allies or friends to take advantage of their mortal body they have departed.

In addition, only the Monkey kin may be Magic Users, no other beast kin of the Were-Urgo may possess or become so without Divine Intervention.

Skill Lists

As well as all of the Kin-specific lists below, all Were-Urgo characters may also be a part of, and learn skill lists from, The Circle of Life, Death and Rebirth - The Lodge of the Ancestors.

Badgerkin: The badgerkin are one of the Protector Breeds of the Were-Urgo Cycle, they are discernible by their black fur and the white central bar that runs down the front of their bodies they also tend to have white cheeks.

Level One: Resistance to Mundane Poisons: Mundane Poisons only have half effectiveness and duration versus the character.

Level Two: Immunity to Mundane Poisons: Mundane poisons have no effect on the character.

Level Three: Strength of Badger: the Badgerkin gains +3 Hits to All Locations.

Level Four: Badgers Lore: Badgerkin are Lore Keepers and tend to know a lot on many subjects, they gain +3 Free Points to spend on Lore Skills; this skill allows for a –1 XP break on purchasing Lore or Knowledge based skills from the Halls of Knowledge skills section.

Level Five: Prophetic Visions: Once per day, the Badgerkin may gain prophetic visions for insight into a problem, dilemma or obstacle crossing the character, given to the character by Referee discretion. Visions are often obscure and layered in hidden meaning so they will not necessarily be openly satisfying without looking deeper into their meanings.

Bearkin: Like Badger, Bear was one of the beastkin charged with being a Protector for the other Were-Urgo. Male Bearkin tend to be loners who dislike the company of other Were-Urgo in the very least, and patrol borders of the Wild Kingdom. Female Bearkin enjoy relations with their cubs, in whom they act and defend with protective zeal and enjoy being the more social aspect of the Bearkin. Bearkin are by majority nocturnally active and like to hibernate in the winter, coming together in the summer for mating.

Level One: Resistance to Disease & Illness: ‘Mundane Disease’ and ‘Mundane Illnesses’ take twice as long to infect Bearkin and effect them at only half the potency.

Level Two: Immunity to Disease & Illness: Bearkin are now completely Immune to Mundane Diseases and Illnesses.

Level Three: Lesser Strength of the Bear: Strong, Bearkin gain +3 Hits to all Locations.

Level Four: Constitution of Bear: Bearkin are now completely Immune to Enchanted Diseases and Illnesses.

Level Five: Greater Strength of Bear: Impressive by any standards, Bearkin gain an additional +5 Hits to all Locations.

Boarkin: Charged by Lady Gaia to be a Provider, Boar is a herd creature who lives in either male or female herds, only coming together to mate. Boarkin are herbivores with a great strength of courage, loyalty and a talent for leadership also when the need arises.

Level One: Lesser Strength of the Boar: Boarkin gain +1 Hits per Location.

Level Two: Scrounger: Boarkin may approach a Referee to go scrounging for Forage items twice per day, items that have been overlooked or missed by other characters.

Level Three: Greater Strength of the Boar: Boarkin gain +3 Hits per Location.

Level Four: Lesser Courage of Boar: Boarkin may summon up the power of mind, four times per day, to be able to call ‘No Effect’ versus ‘Mundane’ and ‘Enchanted’ forms of Influence upon them.

Level Five: Greater Courage of the Boar: Boarkin are Immune to the effects of Fear, Intimidation or any other means of inducement applied to try and change their minds be they ‘Mundane’ or ‘Enchanted’ in origin.

Bullkin: Possessed of a broad head and shoulders, with a tendency for dark brown fur, a shaggy mane and nominally bearded, male Bullkin are referred to as Bull’s and the females as Cows. They tend to have poor eyesight but this is compensated for by excellent senses elsewhere and are charged as one of the group of Protectors among the Cycle of Were-Urgo Society.

Level One: Heightened Sense: The sense of smell is far greater than that of many races of the Elemental Union and other Were–Urgo beastkin, and counts as a form of ‘Enchanted’ Sense when being used and aids 'Mundane Tracking' versus 'Enchanted Stealth'.

Level Two: Heightened Sense: The sense of hearing of a Bullkin is exceptionally high, being far greater than that of many races of the Elemental Union and other Were–Urgo beastkin, and counts as a form of ‘Enchanted’ Sense when being used aids 'Mundane Tracking' versus 'Enchanted Stealth'.

Level Three: Strength of the Bull: Bullkin gain +3 Hits per Location.

Level Four: Strength of the Charging Bull: Bullkin gain +4 Hits per Location.

Level Five: Stubbornness: If a Bullkin plants its feet firmly on the ground, they may once per event stand their ground and not be moved aside by any means, ‘Mundane’ or ‘Enchanted’ regardless of the weight of numbers stacked against them or through any means of coercion and if this extends to a combat situation their total hits per location get doubled so long as they stand and hold their ground.


Catkin: Catkin are notorious for their ability to play both sides of the fence, often leading them to be outcasts or looked down upon by the other Were–Urgo through distrust, arrogance and deception. What is commonly misunderstood about Catkin is their blessings are so as to allow them to infiltrate and learn of the Void so as to exploit its weaknesses, yet too often, Catkin succumbs to the Void making them for fickle members of the Predator caste of the Were-Urgo.

Level One: Phoebe’s Dodge: Catkin gain +1 Dodge once per day.

Level Two: No Taint: No matter what ‘Mundane’ or ‘Enchanted’ means are attempted upon them, save by Dogkin alone, it is impossible to tell if Catkin have become tainted by the Void. Catkin even igore the roar of Lionkin.

Level Three: Sly Kitty: Catkin gain +1 to the following skills of Deception, Stealth and Thief, which may be used to take those skills to Level Five at Character Creation.

Level Four: Nine Lives: A Catkin may restart their death count four times, but each use of this ability is a one use only ability – once used it is lost forever. Use of this ability also restores +1 Global Hits, as the use accelerates their natural regeneration.

Level Five: Complete Nine Lives: A Catkin may restart their death count a further five times, but each use of this ability is a one use only ability – once used it is lost forever.

Dogkin: Dogkin are renowned for their loyalty to friends and their abilities to see what others cannot. Similar in some aspects to Wolfkin, their appearance can vary greatly and are trusted with being Protectors of the Were-Urgo.

Level One: Sense Void: An ‘Enchanted’ Ability that works directly opposite to the Catkin, reinforcing the age old enmity between Cats and Dogs; Dogkin can naturally sense the presence of Void Taint in all creatures with a 10m range.

Level Two: Sense the Ether: Dogkin can sense all creatures in the Ether, or the incorporeal world when they come within a 20m range of the Dogkin.

Level Three: See the Ether: They can look into the Ether and see anything on that plane in their vicinity, limited only by their range of vision.

Level Four: Warning Growl: The Growl of Dog causes a form of ethereal static that holds back beings on the ethereal plane for as long as Dog growls, counting as an ‘Enchanted Defence’ to the area.

Level Five: Enter the Ether: Similar to the Fey-Sirona’s ‘Divine Ability’, ‘Enter the Ether’ allows Dogkin to physically cross over to the Spirit Plane and leave the Material Plane; mirrored surfaces are required to 'cross over' and take five seconds to complete the transference. Two Dogkin may combine to create an opening to allow other creatures to follow them on to the Spirit Plane, but this is a very dangerous task to perform, and extended opening points draw Spirits to them.

Ferretkin: They have Dark Brown fur with a white underbelly that lightens in winter. They are nocturnal and a predator of smaller mammals, often seen as cowardly or sly, but are valued as their part of the Predators among the Cycle of the Were-Urgo.


Level One: Stealth: The character gains a +1 to their Stealth Skill, which may take the stealth skill to level five, even at Character Creation.

Level Two: Dodge: Twice per Day the character may dodge a ‘Mundane Attack’ against them.

Level Three: Sly: Keen to learn or clever and able to absorb events around them with natural keen, they gain +1 XP per Event they attend.

Level Four: Weasel of the World: Up to Four times per Event, the character may slip out of any ‘Mundane’ forms of bondage.

Level Five: Enchanted Claws: By striking their claws upon the stones of the Earth, for five minutes the claws of the Ferretkin do ‘Enchanted’ damage. This skill may be used up to a maximum of five times per day.

Foxkin: Red fur, black tips on the tail. Based in a family unit rather than a pack. A leader among the Foxkin is symbolized by the wearing of an Eagle feather and they take their place within the Predators among the Cycle of the Were-Urgo.

Level One: Foxes Cunning: The character gains a +1 to their Stealth Skill, which may take the Stealth skill to a maximum of level five, even at Character Creation.

Level Two: Fox Thinking: The Foxkin can dodge ‘Single’ and ‘Double’ Mundane Attacks.

Level Three: The Sly Fox: Keen to learn or clever to absorb events around them they gain +1 XP per Event they attend.

Level Four: Fox Feet: By means ‘Mundane’ or ‘Enchanted’, Foxkin may never be ‘Knocked Down’ and if they are ‘Knocked Back’ they always find sure footing and remain standing.

Level Five: The Artful Dodger: Foxkin may dodge up to five times per day against ‘Mundane’ or ‘Enchanted’ attacks.

Lionkin: This covers all aspects of the 'big cats' family, primarily Lions, but may also include panthers, tigers and the like. Lionkin are the Leaders of the Were-Urgo, the Ultimate Predators within the Cycle of Life.


Level One: Lesser Strength of Lion: +1 Hits per Location.

Level Two: Fearless: Lionkin are Immune to ‘Mundane’ and ‘Enchanted’ forms of ‘Fear’.

Level Three: The Lions Roar: Lions roar demands respect from all Were-Urgo breeds, and all creatures of Urutau. All who hear the roar recognise at some primeval level the fact that Lion is a ruler and a leader, and a thing to be feared and yet those who are innocent know how to feel courage and strength in the roar of Lion.
The roar is a Mundane Mind Effect at this level, and causes Mundane Fear in those Tainted by the Void, and makes those clean of Void Taint, Immune to Mundane forms of Fear whilst in the presence of the Lionkin. Catkin mat ignore all effects of the Lions Roar.

Lionkin may use this roar three times per Event.

Level Four: Greater Strength of Lion: +4 Hits per Location.

Level Five: Greater Lions Roar: The roar of Lion becomes an ‘Enchanted Roar’ that now forces all Void Tainted creatures who hear it to flee with ‘Fear’ automatically. Lionkin may use this ability up to Five times per Event. The untainted that hear the roar become emboldened and are immune to ‘Mundane’ and ‘Enchanted’ forms of ‘Fear’ while in the presence of the Lionkin who roared. Again, Catkin may ignore even the Greater Lions Roar.

Molekin: Possessing black fur, their claws appear to be exceptionally long and when not used for tunnelling, they can be extremely vicious in combat – Mole was charged with being one of the Providers to the Cycle of the Were-Urgo.

Level One: Sense of the Earth: Molekin can sense tremors in the Earth, subject to Referee discretion and events going on and around the character at the time of sensing sounds in this fashion.

Level Two: Pathmaker: Molekin may dig through the Earth at a rate of two metres per minute.

Level Three: Insight: As per the Magic ability, Molekin may meditate once per day on a problem posed to them for some intuitive insight.

Level Four: Natural Instinct for Herbalism: Four times per day, a Molekin may successfully identify the properties of any herbs that they examine.

Level Five: Enchanted Claws: By striking their claws upon the stones of the earth, for five minutes the claws of the Molekin do ‘Enchanted’ damage. This skill may be used up to a maximum of five times per day.

Monkeykin: Monkey is a strange and wise creature, who follows a specified path in life. Monkey begins that path as ‘Foolish Monkey’, and takes to wandering to become ‘Travelling Monkey’. After completing these lists, Monkey reaches the ability to know ‘Magic’ and become ‘Wise Monkey’. Further still on Monkey’s path is the attainment to become ‘King Monkey’ until finally Monkey completes their own cycle to become ‘Silly Old Monkey’. Monkeykin are the only race openly allowed to be a magic user among the Were-Urgo after being blessed so by Lady Siriona of all things, they are Protectors within the Cycle of the Were-Urgo and advisors to the Lionkin.

1: Foolish Monkey: Foolhardy and the clown, Monkey enjoys life and finds it very hard to be serious, which can be annoying to many. This is one of the first two lists that Monkey kin may begin play with.

Level One: Always the Fool: Monkey must fail at one task during the event, but gains +1 Experience Point for the effort.

Level Two: Strength of Monkey: Monkey is strong and gains +2 Hits to All Locations.

Level Three: Agility of Monkey: Monkey is agile and gains +3 Mundane Dodges per Day.

Level Four: Monkey Madness: Four Times per Event, Monkey may call ‘No Effect’ versus Mind Effects employed against them.

Level Five: Monkey Strength: Monkey gains the Bulging Biceps ability (Like the Ulcas who have developed their muscle to the extent that they will automatically win any Mundane test involving strength versus strength, unless the opposing person also has the Bulging Biceps ability, in which case any bulging biceps versus bulging biceps is resolved by the owner of the highest Hits per Location winning the contest of strength.)

2: Travelling Monkey: Curiosity leads Monkey to travel, and pursue the sacred path of King Monkey.

Level One: Strength of the Road: Monkey gains +1 Hits to All Locations.

Level Two: Monkey See, Monkey Do: Twice per Event, the Monkeykin may assist someone in a task they are performing and ‘Help’. At the end of attempting the task, a Referee makes a test with the Monkeykin to see if the help was successful or not – if it is successful, the task is done to double effect, but if the test fails, the task fails with catastrophic effect to be determined by the ruling Referee.

Level Three: Monkey Bounding: This either grants the Monkeykin the ability ‘Jump Good’ as per the Level Three Skill of Acrobatics, or if the Monkeykin already has that, this skill doubles the benefits of Jump Good.

Level Four: Crouching Monkey, Hidden Monkey: Four Times per Event, Monkey may, so long as they sit still and hide – a challenge for any Monkey it must be said – and not be able to be found by any Mundane Means, so long as they remain still. Movement ends the special ability.

Level Five: Monkey Might: The Monkeykin may, Five Times per Event, use Bulging Biceps, which if combined with the Level Five ability of ‘Foolish Monkey’ counts as double versus any other use of Bulging Biceps or tests of Strength.

The Continuing Paths of Monkeykin: Beyond Foolish Monkey and Travelling Monkey, are presented within the ELEMENT Skills Companion. Monkeykin must take Magic User at Character Creation, but do not gain access to Magic until they may start the ‘Wise Monkey’ Skill Tree.

Mousekin: Messengers of Fortune, they are close to Lady Gaia and tend to come in colourings of black or grey fur, they take their place among the Providers of the Were-Urgo.

Level One: Heightened Senses: Mousekin are highly acute of the goings on in their surroundings and can never be surprised through mundane means, even if they cannot pinpoint a threat to themselves. The heightened senses add a +1 to their Tracking skill if they have it.

Level Two: Scrutiny: In a situation where players may miss something of importance, the Mousekins nature allows them a test to see something that has been missed Twice per Day.

Level Three: Stealth Bonus: This boosts the skill of Stealth by +3 even beyond the maximum level of five.

Level Four: Mouse Luck: Up to Four Times per Event, Mousekin may force a retest to any situation to their advantage.

Level Five: Savage Teeth: By sharpening their teeth upon the stones of the earth, for five minutes the teeth of the Mousekin do ‘Enchanted’ damage. This skill may be used up to a maximum of five times per day.

Pronghorns: Also known as Deerkin. The fur of a Pronghorn is a red with a white chest area and white stripe on the throat. They should have a black stripe from the outside of the eyes down to the nose and they are predominantly recognised by their horns. Pronghorns prefer to live life in the herd, usually formed around all male herds or all female herds with the two coming together in the autumn to breed. Males (Bucks) tend to be fairly lusty, gathering up harems of females (Does) that can average around twenty in size, generally gentle, they are among the Protectors of the Cycle of the Were-Urgo.

Level One: Heightened Sense – Eyesight: The Pronghorn has excellent vision above and beyond the average of the Were–Urgo race, and perceive things with ‘Enchanted’ ability.

Level Two: Alertness: The Pronghorn is hard to catch off guard and they may make a test to see if they are aware of a threat even if the player knows it is in the vicinity OOC and they may do this twice per day.

Level Three: Quick Escape: Being difficult to catch off guard, the Pronghorn may elect to make a quick escape before a confrontation begins, allowing them a three second head start before any pursuer may be made.

Use of this ability requires a Referee.

Level Four: Battle Horns: Four times per day, a Pronghorn may sharpen their horns for battle by sharpening them on the stones of the Earth, doing so means the horns do ‘Enchanted’ damage for a period of four minutes.

Level Five: Survivor: Pronghorns may take more of a beating or hold on to life far longer than many other Were-Urgo or standard characters in ELEMENT. Their physical overflow extends to 15 Hits to a location rather than the standard ten.

Wolfkin: Wolfkin live in packs of up to twenty, though the average is ten. There is an alpha breeding male and female and more often than not the pack will be related to each other. The Alpha Female rules the roost as Matriarch while the Alpha Male leads the Hunt. The Alpha Female may cast out any member she chooses at any time. The pack will have many elaborate rituals and ways to it associated with the keeping of the pack structure. Wolfkin are highly ranked in the Cycle of Were-Urgo Society and among the elite of the Predators.

Note: Wolfkin may breed with Dogkin as they are very similar and provide earnest allies between the two breeds. Crossbreeds may learn one of either level from both lists, creating a bastardised version of the two. Crossbreeds are however, considered to be impure, despite their usefulness.

Level One: Determined Hunter: Wolf never loses the scent of its prey, even when it enters a crowd as such Wolfkin gain +1 to their Tracking skill.

Level Two: Pack Mentality: Wolfkin know no Fear and are ‘Immune’ to its effects amidst the unity of the pack 3 or more Wolfkin/Dogkin) through means ‘Mundane’ or ‘Enchanted’.

Level Three: Strength of the Wolf: Wolfkin gain +3 Hits per Location.

Level Four: Pack Benefits: Wolfkin may share up to Four Experience Points among their pack between events so as to serve the packs needs, they also gain +1 Hits per Location per Wolfkin present at an event (up to a maximum bonus of +4 Hits per Location).

Level Five: Soto’s Blessing: The attacks with their natural weaponry become permanently ‘Enchanted’ while the Wolfkin is within the unity of the pack, otherwise the lone wolf must strike their claws upon the Earth to enable the ability, and only lasts for Five Minutes and may only be used Five Times per Event.

The Were Urgo may also learn The Way of the Unicorn.

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