The Wispthanes

A rare and strange corruption, the magic using Vespari who turn to the Void create strange and mystical children that distract and cause more trouble than direct danger, wandering aimlessly or establishing a home in remote mountain regions in Valorn or wherever their travels take them.

Level One: Northern Lights: The Wispthane is touched by the strange lights of the world between Lord Helios and Lady Phoebe, and gets +1 Enchanted Dodge per day against attacks against them.

Level Two: Confusion: The Wispthane can cause +2 Stumbles per day (can be countered by Grace or other appropriate athletic skills).

Level Three: Armour of Wisps: +3 Mana per day can be gained three times per day by being surrounded by the strange little wisps that are fathered by the Wispthane.

Level Four: Wisplore: Absorbed as one of the wisps, the Wispthane casts magic as though they had a level four magic staff (-2 to casting spells, with a minimun of 1 Mana always, and gains +10 Mana to their Mana pool).

Level Five: Detonation: The Wispthane has five wisps, and can use them as 'bombs' that cause Enchanted Quad Global as they detonate and do their damage to a five meter radius. Once detonated they are gone forever.

In a final act of defiance, the Wispthane can also sacrifice itself, making this effect terminal, but causes a devastating area effect, that does Enchanted Quad Global in a five meter radius, and causes Enchanted Knock-Back and Enchanted Knock-Down, sending victims flying a further five meters directly away from the point of ground zero.

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